Gadjian Announces Partnership with Digibank

A step to accelerate Digibank's target on acquiring 3,5 million customers by 2022

Marsya Nabila - 9 April 2018

Gadjian, a startup providing payroll and human resources management, announces a marketing partnership with Digibank, a digital banking service by DBS. It allows customers to experience easier and better services, if they download and activate Digibank in their smartphones.

The activity will not only benefit users but also applied for attendance record app, Hadirr. This partnership is in line with Digibank's spirit to provide an easier and better banking experience with Gadjian ecosystem.

"This is expected to be an example of mutually beneficial partnership between digital startup industry players," Afia R Fitriati, Gadjian and Hadirr's CEO and Co-Founder, said in an official release to DailySocial.

On this partnership, she said, each company or potential users of Gadjian and Hadirr apps will get user discount for both apps when they downloaded Digibank app using special promo code.

The discount will be higher if more employees activate Digibank. Companies will also get a deposit for settling Gadjian bills and the employees will get the cashback.

Leonardo Koesmanto, DBS Indonesia's Head of Digital Banking, added, "There will be more millennial aspects are happening on their smartphones, including payroll and attendance. We expect the users of Digibank and Gadjian apps can Live more, Bank less with more seamless input or output in financial."

Both DBS and Gadjian are committed to bringing this partnership towards feature development or another form in the near future. Before partnering with Digibank, Gadjian has announced integration with Mandiri Cash Management for payroll.

To expand their market, both companies are in partnership with various aspects to acquire users. Recently, Digibank has announced partnerships with 21 coffee shops for account opening as an effort to accelerate 3,5 million user acquisition by 2022.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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