Garuda Riders, Interactive Game from The Adventure of Wanara

Andi Miftachul - 22 November 2012

Elven Games (previously known as Elventales) releases its newest game, Garuda Riders. This game is a part of the Adventures of Wanara project, a project which parallelly produces novel, interactive comic, game and animation series. While Mechanimotion works on the rest of the porject’s universe, Elven Games creates the digital interactive comic and games for iOS and Android.

On the whole, the Adventures of Wanara tells a story of Naradja, a boy descendant of 3 races namely mannusa (Rama), asura (Rahwana) and wanara (Hanoman). Naradja tries to prevent the resurrection of the demon king from within himself by collecting 8 god elements or Hastabrata. This story is set in Bumi Varadwipa, 1000 years after the Ramayana.

Now, the game version of this story is available through The Adventure of Wanara: Garuda Riders. This “Runaway” titled game is available for free for Android smartphone and tablet through Google Play Store. Runaway is the first series of Garuda Riders game. This story is planned to consist of five series. The second series, Eye of Garuda, will be released on December 2012. After that, the rest of the series which called A New Life, Wings of Desire and Fearless will be released.

Garuda Riders is a digital comic interactive game. With this format, user is invited to interact in enjoying the story inside the comic. While enjoying the story of Garuda Riders, user will be presented with Balinese folk music and look. Users are interacting with the story through mini games provided throughout the story. This game is also equipped with various animation and special effect to entertain you.

Because it’s a multimedia game, the size of this game is quite large, reaching 22MB. Garuda game requires Android device with minimum operating system of Android 2.2 Froyo and minimum processor of ARMv7 – 800 MHz for the game to run smoothly. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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