Girls In Tech Initiates Startup Competition for Women in Indonesia

Yenny Yusra - 28 September 2015

Even though there are more women giving birth to SMEs nowadays, only a few of them include tech to their business. That being said, non-profit organization Girls In Tech Indonesia aims to inspire Indonesian women to engage themselves with tech in their day-to-day activities much more often.

To support this noble vision, the organization initiates Womenwin, a competition that aims to make Indonesian women more tech-savvy as well as prove that tech may accelerate their performance in business. In the process, the competition gets backed up by Twitter, Appsco, and Uber.

“Our focus is to inspire women who have yet made use of tech effectively, both in regard to their self-development and their business growth,” Aulia Halimatussadiah, Girls In Tech Indonesia’s Co-Managing Director and NulisBuku’s Co-Founder & CMO, stated.

Girls In Tech’s partners, including representatives of Uber and Twitter, during a press conference at Hyde, Kemang (23/09). Bernice Neo, Twitter’s Regional Campaign Manager for SEA, India & MENA, confidently claimed that Twitter and Uber have been behind every woman who wants to improve her performance through tech implementation all this time.

“Twitter is proud to support Girls In Tech Indonesia. I believe that Indonesian women may contribute to the national economic growth through tech by developing their businesses in e-commerce, website, and producing high quality products for the people of Indonesia,” Neo said.

Meanwhile, Uber has backed up women’s growth, not only in Indonesia but also in India and Thailand, by allowing them to be one of Uber drivers.

“Uber has done a real effort by recruiting women to be Uber’s partnering drivers, as the team plan to partner with women associations in Indonesia and invite their members to be Uber’s partners,” Marisa Paramita, Uber Indonesia’s Marketing Manager, added.

Using tech to grow business

Womenwin invites women aged 17-45 to submit their ideas on Womenwin’s official website. The ideas must be related to their current business and activity. 10 lucky finalists will then be invited to present their ideas in the final night, which is planned to be held on Novermebr 11, 2015.

Three winners with the best idea may get the chance of materializing their idea using AppsCo’s resources. They will also get to learn from prominent mentors.

Girls In Tech Indonesia also holds three tech-related trainings, which are themed social media and ads management, e-commerce, and data analysis consecutively.

“The point is, we want Indonesian women to escalate their skills, since I regard talent and skill as one’s highest value,” Halimatussadiah ended.

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