Go-Jek Arrives in Gorontalo, Partners with Three-Wheeler Drivers

Bentor (three-wheeler) will be Go-Jek's driver partners for GO-RIDE, GO-FOOD, GO-SEND, and GO-SHOP

Prayogo Ryza - 15 May 2018

Go-Jek comes with another innovation to tighten its position as the leading on-demand industry in Indonesia. While in the other cities Go-Jek partners with two-wheelers, in Gorontalo, three-wheelers will be in charge of the services. It's the first time in the segment as Go-Jek's attempt to raise awareness of local wisdom.

"As any other on-demand transportation in other cities, bentor has been a part of daily life in Gorontalo. They take an important role in public's economy. We've seen the work of bentor can be accelerated using Go-Jek's technology. Therefore, in Gorontalo, we'll be focused on encouraging bentor," Michael Say, Go-Jek's VP Corporate, said.

Go-Jek partners with bentor to create opportunities using its services. Periodically, they also provide health insurance, partnering with BPJS and some financial institutions with affordable price (starts from Rp15,000), Mortgage (starts from Rp42,000), and Hajj and Umrah (starts from Rp30,000).

"Go-Jek's mission is to give partners opportunity to improve welfare for them and their families, not only income, but also protection, prosperity, and future plans," he added.

The service will begin in May 2018. People can straightly use few services, such as Go-Ride, Go-Food, Go-Send, and Go-Shop

Anandita Danaatmaja, Strategic Regional Head of Go-Jek Kalimantan and Sulawesi, said at an early stage in Gorontalo, all services will be facilitated by bentor. Go-Jek arrival is expected to be helpful not only for Gorontalo's public but also the Bentors.

"The services intend to facilitate not only customers. Furthermore, Bentors won't depend only on transportation service, but also from the other services in Go-Jek. Consumers, too, will be much helped," Danaatmaja, said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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