Go-Jek Is Preparing An Insurance System for Drivers and Customers

Randi Eka - 3 July 2015

Accident is something inseparable when we’re talking about transportation business. This premise is well understood by the rising mobile-based bike service Go-Jek. As stated by Go-Jek’s CEO Nadiem Makarim, his team are currently preparing an insurance system to ensure insurance for both drivers and customers. Go-Jek will partner with an insurance company in enabling the service.

The detail and mechanism of the partnership and have yet to be unveiled, including the claimable insurance cost. This decision is a positive one though, including to give more value to Go-Jek. This is based on an accident that hit a Go-Jek’s unit once, with all the hospital and maintenance expenses being covered by the company.

The same policy has been implemented by GrabBike since the very beginning. This makes insurance not an advantage, but an obligation.

Go-Jek possesses a number of different services, ranging from transportation, goods delivery, food delivery and shopping services. The insurance system may also be implemented to services other than safety, such as insurance for damaged property and many others. To avoid any misunderstanding, Go-Jek must surely set the right and clear disclaimer.

Having been operated in four main areas in Indonesia, namely Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali, Go-Jek has had no less than 10.000 drivers to date. The most recurring issue nowadays is the clash between Go-Jek drivers and conventional ojek drivers. Makarim stated that his team will keep on finding the best solution to this matter, one of already discovered ones is to hold an open recruitment for all conventional drivers.

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