Go-Jek Launches Go-Bills Payment Service

An attempt to increase Go-Pay functionality

Go-Jek launches a new digital service for bill payment "Go-Bills". Currently, Go-Bills provide helps in electricity and BPJS Kesehatan payment.

Go-Jek's CEO Nadiem Makariem said Go-Bills is the first step to complete Go-Pay ecosystem, and provide easy cashless transactions. As Go-Jek ambition is to take part in fastening transition of cash to cashless society.

"Go-Bills will continue to develop in the future for a safer and easier daily transaction," Nadiem said, Wed (11/22).

Go-Jek users can do any kinds of payment such as prepaid or postpaid electricity, and non-electricity. Meanwhile, for BPJS Kesehatan, can be used for independent or family, and JKN-KIS participants in particular.

"There are more than 600 thousands service points for JKN-KIS payment. By these advantages, we expect to increase public tendency in paying bills on time," Wahyudin Bagenda, BPJS Kesehatan's Director of Technology and Informatics, added.

According to Bagenda, the technology presented by Go-Jek can certainly improve BPJS Kesehatan service. Therefore, they prepare the next integration with other products, like Halodoc for doctor teleconsulting.

Currently, Go-Jek application has reached 55 million users spread across 50 cities throughout Indonesia. As for Go-Jek's total transaction, about 50% is paid with Go-Pay. In terms of partnerships, Go-Jek has collaborated with 14 banks, 3 switching companies, and 1 modern retail company, Alfa Group.

- Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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