Go-Jek Launches "Go-Deals" Voucher Marketplace

Intend to be the biggest player in the voucher platform

Marsya Nabila - 12 October 2018

Go-Jek has officially announced the Go-Deals voucher marketplace since its soft launch three weeks ago. There are more than 800 merchants have joined having more than 1,000 offers for Go-Jek customers.

"We provide deals other places didn't give. There is another unique side besides prices and products to distinct us with other players. Around 70% of the total offers are exclusive in Go-Deals," Michael Perera, Go-Deals' VP, said on Thursday (10/11).

Aside from customer's benefit, in terms of business, Go-Deals plays a part as Go-Jek's subsidiary which scalability is to make profits in the future. Every offer with merchants has gone through a commercial scheme which includes particular agreement on a long-term basis.

"We want to make a scalable business, therefore, we partner with merchants using commercial scheme. Merchants will gain benefit, so are we. Eventually will provide value for Go-Jek users."

In addition, to acquire merchants in big cities, Go-Deals will target merchants in small cities to engage Go-Jek's customers which growth is claimed to be more rapid. Thus, a special column is prepared in Regional Deals for those applied in certain cities.

Overall, Go-Deals contains 15 categories to choose, including food, hobbies, services, travels, and donations. In terms of a payment system, it's supported by Go-Pay.

"We'll keep adding more merchants. It's not about the numbers but the users' engagement because we expect the exponential growth. Therefore, with more merchants, we'll keep the curation well-performed to reach as much as possible."

Perera said there will be new initiatives ready to be launched for Go-Deals. However, he avoids mentioning any further details. These steps are intended to make Go-Deals as Indonesia's largest voucher marketplace in the near future.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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