Go-Jek Offers New Services in Beta Version

Prayogo Ryza - 7 October 2015

Go-Jek, one of mostly discussed startups nowadays, announces that it’s preparing new lines of services. Within its latest app updates, the company added some new services, including Go-Box and three others, namely Go-Glam, Go-Clean, and Go-Massage.

Although Go-Jek has yet given any confirmation on this, those three services have been made available in the latest version of Go-Jek app, both on iOS and Android. Go-Glam allows users to get the best hair treatment and other salon services, like creambath and hair coloring. Go-Massage is a service that allows people getting massaged in an instant, while Go-Clean provides cleaning services for houses and offices. All three are only available in Jakarta at the moment.

Just like other Go-Jek services, all three of them are also offered at promo rate. For every Rp150.000-worth service, you only have to pay Rp10.000.

Those new services complete Go-Jek. After proving that its decision of expanding to logistic segment was right, it’s time for Go-Jek to prove itself in delivering its new services. It would not be easy, though, considering that people’s assessment on those aforementioned services is most likely to be highly subjective.


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