Go-Jek Prepares Grocery Shopping Service

Amir Karimuddin - 15 September 2015

Go-Jek gives a hint about its next expansion. In a video entitled “Are you ready for the new blue?”, Go-Jek indicates that it will enter the grocery shopping segment. It will face competition from HappyFresh, Sukamart, and Seroyamart, current players of the segment.

In the video, Go-Jek illustrates the abundant amount of time wasted by people for going to supermarket, dealing with traffic jams, finding a parking spot, and shopping themselves. It states that 90 minutes  would be the time required for its high quality service to be served, started from making an order until having the product served in front of the door.

Shopping groceries indeed requires skills and patience, unlike delivering food or document. That’s why HappyFresh prepares its own team of buyers that standby at supermarket to buy all items on the list.

Let’s see how Go-Jek implements its latest service and how its competitors deal with the growing competition.

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