Go-Jek Unveils Shopping Service Go-Mart

Amir Karimuddin - 23 September 2015

Go-Jek officially unveils its latest service, Go-Mart, for public. The company does so while updating its apps on iOS and Android. The service allows customers to buy any grocery from any supermarket, minimarket, optician, pharmacy, pet shop, or even automotive outlet.For now, Go-Mart is only available for those living in Jabodetabek.

Go-Mart is the evolution of Go-Jek’s previous Shopping service, as it allows customers to have more specific options for their need. Go-Jek claims that there are at least 25 thousand items available at around 20 shops.  The target is to let customers having what they purchase in 90 minutes sharp.

Based on our investigation, Go-Mart includes almost all available shopping marts, including Alfamart, Indomaret, Guardian, Total Buah, Office 2000, Jakarta Notebook, Optik Melawai, and Shop & Drive. In case customers’ desired item is unavailable at those shops, they may fill in their own order manually.

This service is currently on a promo period, being offered at Rp 10 thousand flat per order. As we tested the service several times, we found out that its algorithm is quite precise, reflecting the immense database that it has.

Besides presenting Go-Mart, Go-Jek also introducing the new appearance of Go-Food within the update. It also equips Go-Food with My Restaurant feature, which facilitates users to pick restaurants that they once ordered from. After testing it out, we discovered that the new version of Go-Food has way better performance than the previous one. The database it has also seems to be more imminent than before.

Go-Mart will face direct competition from HappyFresh and Sukamart, as it completes Go-Jek’s massive expansion. The company proviously introduced Go-Box to accommodate people’s logistic needs.

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