Go-Jek's Fintech Acquisition is Still Bank Indonesia's Pending Approval

Go-Jek starts to collect document required per today (12/18)

Marsya Nabila - 21 December 2017

Bank Indonesia (BI), Indonesia's central bank, is yet to give an approval for Go-Jek's acquisition for two fintech companies, Midtrans and Kartuku, as they have not submit the licencing process to Central Bank. Go-Jek alone has announced the acquisition to public last week.

In order to be approved, Go-Jek has officially submitted its acquisition plan as standard procedure today (12/18). BI requires Go-Jek to report its acquisition plan of Midtrans and Kartuku, considering both companies are engage in central bank supervisory area. The other acquired company, Mapan, is under OJK's supervision.

"As per today, Go-Jek already announced the acquisition. It has been delivered to us. They are finishing the document according to our standard. BI will doing research later before giving the approval." said Pungki Wibowo, BI's Payment System Policy and Supervision Department Director on Monday (12/18).

According to Wibowo, to provide an approval, central bank always consider various aspects such as maintaining national efficiency, public affair, industrial growth and fair businesses.

BI will also dig deeper in broader perspective by applying consolidated supervision whether the company is a part of business group.

The entire assessment process will begin within 45 working days after the document's approval. BI is yet to confirm the time of acquisition licensing process will be completed.

Wibowo evaluates, Go-Jek is cooperative enough to report directly as being mentioned by BI through the press release last weekend (12/16), a day after Go-Jek announced the acquisition. Go-Jek showed good ethics by immediately working on the document and other requirements regarding the approval.

One of the company acquired has already reported to BI before the acquisition.

On the other hand, Midtrans and Kartuku are yet to obtain license as Payment System Service Provider (PJSP). Both are claimed to process the license as PJSP for payment gateway, in accordance with PTP PBI regulation issued by BI last year.

"Because the services are effective far before PTP PBI regulation active, so that they get transition period to apply for the license before May 9, 2017. They have filed before the due date and still on process," Wibowo concluded.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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