Goers is The Winner of Indonesia Next Apps 2.0

Michael Erlangga - 30 September 2015

Goers successfully becomes the winner after eliminating the other 9 finalists at Indonesia Next App 2.0 (30/9), with Modegi being crowned as the event’s runner-up. Both winners are awarded with cash and marketing kit access which may effectively increase their brand awareness.

Goers curates information of events, along with an online ticket reservation feature. The platform indeed has transformed significantly from what we reported few months ago, both in term of system and appearance.

Meanwhile, Modegi offers a smart-living solution, allowing users to control their electronic devices at their own home through Android and web-based app. What Modegi offers may be used as an indicator to determine the efficiency of user’s electricity consumption.

Indonesia Next Apps 2.0 presents mentorship program in Singapore, which gets backed up by Singtel Group and Samsung Regional Mobile App. Unlike last year’s event, Jakarta will be the destination of INA 2.0 grand final this year, in which the winners may win USD $20.000-worth prizes. The grand final will be held by the end of this year.

“After passing the judging process together with Singtel and Samsung, we pick Goers and Modegi to be the representative of Indonesia in the coming regional competition. We’d like to show that startups in Indonesia have huge potential and are capable to compete at international level. Moreover, we also hope that this competition can spread the spirit of innovation to developers,” Telkomsel’s Vice President Digital Lifestyle Marina Kacaribu.

We learn from last year’s event that the representatives of each country may enjoy the access to regional market using series of channels provided by Singtel and Samsung. The winners will reportedly also secure SGD $10.000-worth cash and marketing kit at local and regional level, which is connected to 550 million audience in 25 countries. Telkomsel backs this initiative up by presenting its Teman Dev, something which players of local digital industry are quite familiar with.


This article is part of Indonesia Next App 2.0 series. DailySocial partners with Samsung and Telkomsel to invite you participating in Indonesia Next App, a search for the best Android app in Indonesia, in which the winners will represent Indonesia at regional level.

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