Gojek Ties Up with Local Taxi to Win the Singapore Market

Gojek Ties Up with Local Taxi to Win the Singapore Market

Trans-Cab taxi will be available to book through Gojek's platform by December 2019
gojek singapore
gojek singapore

Gojek has a big ambition and great effort to top the taxi ride-hailing market in Singapore. The new strategy, is to partner with Trans-Cab Services as the local taxi. The partnership will allow around 3000 Trans-Cab vehicles to provide services through Gojek application by December 2019.

With the additional vehicles of Trans-Cab, there will be enough fleet to minimize waiting for the customers. Therefore, Trans-Cab can also increase their total trip using Gojek access to customers.

“The collaboration with Gojek is fascinating. It allows our drivers to access on-demand service through Gojek application. In the meantime, they can continue the street-hail. Our drivers will have many benefits of the flexibility, also with the additional income,” Trans-Cab’s CEO, Teo Kiang Ang said.

Meanwhile, Gojek Singapore’s General Manager, Lien Choong Luen said that their team is glad to make this partnership happened. Besides the customers gain access to more availability, the drivers will also gain additional benefits.

Gojek in Singapore

Gojek’s first year in Singapore has resulted 30 million trips. This amount has increased three times in the last six month. The company is currently making more innovation to accelerate growth in Singapore, and the Trans-Cab deal is one of the strategy.

Gojek’s Co-CEO, Andre Soelistyo said their first year in Singapore to be very amusing. He also compliments Gojek Singapore team, drivers, and also the customers.

“I believe next year will be way more massive for us since we’ll be focusing on what our next offer in the second year in Singapore,” he added.

Gojek had its debut in Singapore in the mid-2018. Unlike the other countries, Singapore’s business keep using the Gojek name, and only provide taxi-services. Currently Gojek is in a tight competition with Grab in Southeast Asia. Aside from Singapore, both are available in Vietnam, Thailand, and soon to be the new battlefield, Malaysia.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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