Google Play Connect Facilitates Collaboration between Local and International Developers

Michael Erlangga - 10 September 2015

The global mobile gaming industry indeed is a hot stuff. In Indonesia, the imminent penetration of smartphone even encourages the increase of revenue and growth. The vast potential of local market attracts Google to take part in the process. Through Google Play Connect, the IT giant attempts on connecting shareholders of the industry, both from local and international market.

Google Play Connect is an event that facilitates the meeting between global game companies and local game and app developers, allowing them to create collaboration for their own good. Touchten’s COO Rokimas Soeharyo welcomes the idea in positive spirit.

“I thank Google Play Connect for their role in promoting Indonesian market. They fully trust Indonesia. What they’re doing really increases people’s awareness towards Indonesia and validates our role in global mobile gaming industry,” Soeharyo told DailySocial.

Further, he said that the veent has successfully facilitated the needs of learning, sharing, and networking of not only local mobile game companies but also international big players as well. He believes that discoverability is one of main issues faced by local developers.

“About discoverability, mostly caused by marketing budget. For those with limited budget like us, we need to apply cost effective methods like collaborating with communities for support, running effective and efficient social media campaign, and contributing in forums. The point is, we rely on grassroots movement, and word of mouth,” he continued.

The event was highly interactive. Foreign developers actively looked for prominent local partners who are able to localize their products and services. This collaboration oportunity allows international publishers to release their products via a local team, and vice versa. Google Play’s high rank officials for Asia Pacific, such as Kunal Soni, David Yin, and Hirotaka Yoshitsugu attended the event.

“Touchten is currently considering on releasing products outside Indonesia. We are also looking for more business collaborations and developing our business in local market,” Soeharyo ended. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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