Goola Receives 71 Billion Rupiah from Alpha JWC Ventures, to Implement “New Retail” Concept

Selling traditional beverages; Founded by Kevin Susanto and Gibran Rakabuming

Randi Eka - 19 August 2019

Alpha JWC Ventures today (8/16) announced investment to Goola, a startup focused on traditional beverages. It was worth up to $5 million or equivalent to 71 billion Rupiah. They provide various beverages, such as doger ice, green bean ice, and many more. Targeting young adult, they’re using “grab-and-go” concept for serving and packaging.

Goola was founded in 2018 by two founders, Kevin Susanto and Gibran Rakabuming. Gibran is well-known as President Joko Widodo’s son and a businessman in the culinary industry. They are currently open five outlets in Jakarta, to develop 100 more after receiving funding until 2020 – in Indonesia also the neighbor cities.

“Goola was first established as a conventional culinary business, then we realize that this can grow bigger once we transformed and start using technology in daily operation,” Susanto said.

“New Retail” Implementation

In addition to the outlets, fresh money will be focused on the new retail implementation. It’ll be realized through the application – the developing process is currently internal.

Goola app design is to maximize online transaction experience no queue, loyalty program, and others. This app also helps to analyze consumer’s habit to constantly improve the services and products.

“The use of technology is one thing, for me, the most important is the ingredients. Our challenge is to take Goola and these local beverages into the global market,” he said.

Susanto added, “If there is any other competitor arise, it will be our market validation. Competitors are the motivation we need to realize Goola mission faster, for they will help us to educate the market on relevant products.”

Prior to the business, Alpha JWC Ventures had first invested on Kopi Kenangan. The key is similar, they are to develop a new retail concept in selling cups of coffee to young adults.

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