GoPay Launches Cash Withdrawal Feature Through BCA Outlets

LinkAja was first to develop this feature with Himbara

Marsya Nabila - 11 August 2020

GoPay develops a cash withdrawal feature through BCA ATM outlets all over Indonesia. GoPay is the second e-money player, after LinkAja, to develop this feature as a subsidiary of Himbara.

In the official statement, cash withdrawals only require five easy processes. Users only need to select the Cash Withdrawal feature, enter the nominal GoPay balance to withdraw, and authenticate with a PIN. Next, the user will receive a six-digit transaction code to be used directly at BCA ATMs.

This transaction code is confidential and is only valid for one hour from the time the code is given. In order to withdraw cash at an ATM BCA, the user can select the “Cardless transaction” option and enters the virtual account code (70008 + cellphone number), then the transaction code. The ATM will issue cash according to the amount requested.

This feature is beneficial for GoPay users, especially the driver-partners in case of sudden necessity. BCA alone has released the “Cardless transaction” feature since 2017 via the mobile banking application. BCA has 17,067 ATMs as of March 2020.

“[..] This feature is also very helpful for GoPay users who are accustomed to everyday cashless but need cash on several occasions,” GoPay’s VP Business Development Imam Akbar Hadikusumo said, Tuesday (11/8).

He said the two companies have collaborated through the BCA Virtual Account feature and OneKlik. This cash withdrawal feature will be available progressively for all Gojek users. However, in order to use this feature, users need to upgrade their account to GoPay Plus.

BCA’s EVP of Transaction Banking Business Development. I Ketut Alam Wangsawijaya added, “BCA as a part of the national financial system is committed to open opportunities for collaboration with e-wallet developer partners in providing a seamless financial experience for BCA customers and GoPay users.”

Imam continued, by upgrading his account to GoPay Plus, users can take advantage of the cash withdrawal feature, also use the transfer feature to fellow GoPay users, transfers to other banks, bigger GoPay limits, and an extra guarantee of GoPay Balance Protection.

LinkAja’s cash withdrawal

Neither Ovo nor Dana, GoPay’s closest competitors are yet to develop a cash withdrawal feature. It’s different with LinkAja because it is a subsidiary of Himbara, LinkAja users can withdraw their cash balance using the ATM Link network.

The withdrawal method is not much different from GoPay. LinkAja users only need to make a request via the LinkAja application, by going to the “Withdraw Balance” menu then selecting “Withdraw Cash at an ATM”. Then select the Balance Withdrawal Nominal in cash via an ATM and select Create Withdrawal Code for confirmation.

The code will be entered into the ATM machine to continue the transaction. When withdrawing cash at a Bank Mandiri ATM, for example, the user simply presses the soft key (green button on the bottom right next to the ATM screen. Then select “LinkAja Cash Withdrawal” and “Cash Withdrawal.” After users input the registered mobile number, enter the withdrawal code at the end-process.

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