Grab and BookMyShow Introduces “Tiket” Service in App

The plan is to invest in six Southeast Asia tech company in the near future

Yenny Yusra - 28 April 2019

In order to complete the super app ecosystem in the platform, Grab formed up with BookMyShow by launching “Tiket” feature in app. The India-based startup was chosen through Velocity program, Southeast Asia’s startup acceleratot initiated by Grab Ventures.

This collaboration allows Grab’s users can purchase cinema tickets through app based on the merchant list of BookMyShow, including CGV and Cinemaxx.

“We also integrated payment with OVO, for the easier payment process and to help users gain more GrabRewards,” Grab Indonesia’s Executive Director, Ongki Kurniawan said.

Grab plans to develop some services by Tiket, it’ll allow users to purchase tickets for other purposes through this tile.

“We’re having commitment to help startups accelerate their business growth. One is to become our partner while providing new options to all users,” he added.

Focus investment in Indonesia

In a separate interview with Bloomberg Technology, Grab’s Co-Founder, Tan Hooi Ling said, Grab will not only be known as a ride-hailing service and Indonesia to be the main focus in Southeast Asia.

Kurniawan confirmed, in its presentation, Grab plans to invest more this year in the company or startup which is compatible with their ecosystem.

“We plan to invest in six companies from Southeast Asia this year. Following Grab’s plan to add and acquire more companies. One is the partnership with BookMyShow we’ve just launched,” he added.

In addition, Grab plans to focus on healthtech and insurtech. An official partnership has formed with Ping An Good Doctor from China last September. Ping An Good Doctor is an integrated health service with artificial intelligence providing online based health consulting. It’s Ping An Good Doctor’s second time operation in Southeast Asia.

“According to plan,in the second or third quarter of 2019, we’ll launch in-app direct consulting with the doctor. It’s to be developed by implementing artificial intelligence. Therefore, the doctor can answer user’s massive questions immediately,” Kurniawan said.

He also mentioned, the drug delivery is included in the company’s roadmap. Although, it complies with the current regulation related to the e-prescription, Grab is preparing and approaching the relevant regulators.

Safety for users and drivers

Making sure the users enjoy the seamless experience, Grab is to focus on technology development. As to improve safety by placing cctv in some GrabCar and Emergency services for Grab’s users and drivers.

“We also have launched the number masking technology to keep the phone number private while having conversation with drivers. In addition, we’ve launched VoIP, the free call feature,” Kurniawan said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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