Grab announces a strategic partnership with Paytren. As initiation step on mid-January 2018, Grab will be using PayTren network to recruit new drivers through the app.

PayTren partners, currently reach 1.7 million people, will be trained on how to register new Grab driver. Partners are also open for being Grab drivers.

The strategic partnership will be valid for five years by continuous evaluation.

“This is a strong partnership, there is no investment or acquisition. We notice the partnership with local company will widen access for people who wants to join Grab,” said Jason Thompson, GrabPay Southeast Asia’s Managing Director on Wednesday (12/13).

With this strategic partnership, at least two angles targeted by three companies (Grab, Kudo and PayTren). For Grab, it is an effort to prepare GrabPay ecosystem. All PayTren partners are expected to be GrabPay customer due to their needs of its payment system they facilitate.

“It’ll end up at financial inclusion. We will not only take it to the big cities, but throughout Indonesia soon, for all 104 cities can use GrabPay immediately,” explained Ongki Kurniawan, GrabPay Indonesia’s Managing Director.

He said, due to this partnership, three companies have assets to be used as shared benefits.

Using Kudo’s technology for PayTren

The second angle is Kudo’s technology usage in supporting PayTren security system.  According to Yusuf Mansur, PayTren’s Founder & Owner, Kudo’s technology also supports company’s step to comply with Bank Indonesia’s rule, if PayTren obtains e-money license. Mansur optimist in getting the license.

“We are confident in getting the license, Insha Allah. When there is a license, the task is system and technology strengthening. We are not joking in saying this, afraid of fraud, a partnership with well-back-up technology company is needed,” said Mansur.

On BI rules, company applying for permits need to comply for several requirements, such as data center and disaster recovery center located in Indonesia while in contact with customer transaction’s protection. Both requirements mentioned are fullfilled by Kudo.

“In rules, Kudo has complied with BI rules. Also, we and PayTren are both local companies,” said Albert Lucius, Kudo’s CEO and Co-Founder.

For the collaboration development between Kudo and PayTren, Lucius said there will be Kudo’s or PayTren’s products in each platform. This is intended to encourage entrepreneurs to sell, to ultimately improve the welfare.

Grab and Kudo’s apps merger

Asked about Grab and Kudo’s merger, Lucius explained the merger process can be seen from Grab app starting to provide top-up balance in Grab Rewards. Nonetheless this is just a mere service.

In fact, Grab has two different apps, one for drivers and one for customers. Meanwhile Kudo only has one for business partners. He thought, application merger will be done slowly.

“It will not be suddenly merged [Grab and Kudo]. However, Kudo’s service connected to Grab is already started now. All Kudo’s services will be connected to Grab later.” said Lucius.

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