Grab’s Plans Post-Toyota Investment

Focus on business expansion and online-to-offline segment

Prayogo Ryza - 27 June 2018

This year becomes a crucial time for Grab. Post Uber acquisition, Grab transformed into a great power in Southeast Asia with some new investment. The latest is from Toyota, worth 14 trillion Rupiah.

We’ve been in contact with Grab regarding its post-investment plans, particularly in Indonesia’s market. Grab’s spokesperson said the investment from Toyota will be specifically used for developing and expanding O2O (Online-to-Offline) services, such as GrabFood and GrabPay in Southeast Asia.

Up until now, GrabFood has reached six countries in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. Grab then becomes the on-demand transport company with the most extensive food ordering and delivery in Southeast Asia.

“We want to create the more transparent mobile ecosystem and the cash will be used to organize variant innovative services in order to get the best experience for all users of our app,” the spokesperson, said.

Toyota-Grab’s strategic partnership

Last Year, Toyota and Grab had established a strategic partnership in the development of connected services for the Grab rentals using the data collected by Toyota’s translog system. Nowadays, by expanding the partnership, both companies seek to increase the adoption of mobility solution in all over Southeast Asia and launching services using the data from Toyota Mobility Service Platform (MSFP).

The services include user-based insurance, vehicle financing service, and periodic maintenance with prediction. It is expected to improve the driving efficiency and safety, also reduce the maintenance costs.

“The partnership with Toyota has given many benefits for drivers, in terms of affordable insurance for the scheme based on usage, or the delivery of long-term vehicle usage data to help reduce the maintenance costs. Currently, we have no special program for Indonesia,” the spokesperson, explained.

Grab’s mission to be a complete app

On-demand transportation business is growing fast. There are many public’s needs can be accommodated. Grab notices, besides providing payment service through GrabPay and delivery service by GrabFood, Grab also has prepared other services. One of the leaks is the use of Internet of Things technology, therefore, users can experience the complete Grab app ecosystem.

Grab’s spokesperson speaks regarding Indonesia’s market:

“Grab’s target is to become an integrated one-stop service platform to be the answer for mobility demands and to build the more efficient transportation network with its partners to reduce traffic in Southeast Asia metropolitan cities, including Indonesia, making mobility easier to access for all kinds of communities.”

Grab also emphasized on its current focus, it’s to build the more transparent mobile ecosystem and organize variant innovative services in order to get the best experience for all users.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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