Greenhouse won funding, prepared new services and planned to expand

Greenhouse won funding, prepared new services and planned to expand

The round was led by 14 angel investors
Drew Calin, Greenhouse's CEO
Drew Calin, Greenhouse's CEO

Greenhouse Co-working space receives funding worth SG$3.8 million, equivalent to Rp39 billion. It was led by 14 angel investors consist of 7 new investors and 7 previous ones. It includes Dilip and Deepak Chugani from KNS Group. The plan is to launch new service and tighten Greenhouse position in the SEA market.

“We’re very lucky to have a number of expert angel investors with additional value to the company aside from their investment,” Greenhouse’s CEO, Drew Calin, said.

He also added, “Most of the investors are part of the seed round, including our two founders and main investors. It proves their faith in us to accomplish our vision and their commitment to support us.”

Greenhouse aims to support business development in SEA market. With the latest funding, they plan to expand coverage in supporting global and local companies to develop amidst the fast-growing market, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, and throughout Southeast Asia.

Greenhouse was built to simplify the process of entering and developing company in the market through improving transparency, efficiency, and minimalizing risk. We did this by developing and managing high-quality B2B service provider, offering services, such as business framework, visa, payroll, law/tax consultation, and recruitment,” he said.

Greenhouse is currently expanding partneship all around Asia, and developing technology platform to connect expanding local business with B2B service provider that supports the plan with efficiency.

Greenhouse‘s Co-Founder, Vicknesh R. Pillay explained that their team is soon to launch Greenhouse Connect, a technology platform that offers business framework in Indonesia in the second quarter of this year. The plan is to add six more services by the end of this year.

He also mentioned, they’re currently in a negotiation for five new locations in Indonesia and the Philippines, also to explore options in Singapore. It includes calculation to acquire new talents to support expansion.

“The market includes Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and India. It’ll set us to support the companies in entering and developing business with efficiency and effectivity, and faster with lower cost,” he added.

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