Groupon Indonesia Aims to Be the “Top of Mind” for Lifestyle E-Commerce in 2015

Amir Karimuddin - 26 November 2014

During his presentation on E-Commerce and The Rise of Mobile in front of the media, Groupon Indonesia’s CEO and Country Head Indrasto Budisantoso revealed that he wants to lead the team to be the top of mind for the lifestyle segment, which would be his focus in 2015. He also added that Groupon Indonesia will focus more on mobile rather than on desktop.

Budisantoso also explained that as a mobile-first country, Indonesia has 112% of its people having SIM card, way bigger than the number of saving account and credit card holders. While being excessively large in the number of accesses via mobile, the users of e-commerce only cover 6% of the total internet users in Indonesia. It surely is a homework, a challenging one.

He argued that e-commerce is all about trust and payment, and that’s what Indonesian users lack of. Therefore, Groupon provides numerous payment methods to accommodate the unique Indonesian users. Budisantoso further said that Groupon still leads the “deals” segment in Indonesia, although he refused to mention the exact number.

Interestingly, Groupon Indonesia suggested that 2014 is the very first year where the number of accesses via mobile exceeds desktop, slightly above 50%. Last year, there were still many people accessing the platform via desktop, especially during working hours. Budisantoso is of the belief that the trend will keep being positive, particularly due to the decrease of the price of mobile devices and the enhancement of the quality of technology, including the adoption of LTE.

Groupon is on the course of upgrading its iOS and Android apps to give users better services.

Budisantoso emphasized that the lifestyle segment will be his team’s focus in 2015. He stated, “2015 will offer us a lot of excitement. We will focus on being an e-commerce of lifestyle. We want Groupon comes first to people’s mind when they’re thinking about lifestyle or hanging out. Why? Because Groupon has the most complete hanging out local voucher. We also have many lifestyle related products.”

Furthermore, he added, “In Groupon, users may also find variety of traveling packages which we alter to the taste of our lifestyle segment. We define the segment from early 20s to late 30s, which is what we will put as our focus in 2015."

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