Half of Quipper School’s One Million Students Are Indonesians

Hesti Pratiwi - 16 March 2015

After being operated for six months in Indonesia, London-based e-learning platform Quipper School claimed that half of its one million users come from Indonesia. Thus, the team target to have three million students from Indonesia this year.

According to Quipper Indonesia’s Public Relation Petra Monica, Quipper indeed is focusing on SEA. The service has collected $5,8 million of funding from a number of investors so far, which later gets allocated to its operation in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. It was a right decision.

At the moment, Quipper has gathered no less than one million students, in which half of them come from Indonesia, along with those coming from the Philippines, Thailand, and other countries.

Monica argued that the main determinant to this growth is each country’s focus on education. She said, “Of our experience with teachers and students, we conclude that there are other factors that contribute to this condition. No only being tech-savvy, highly-dedicated teachers in Indonesia directly participate in developing the quality of students’ education using that technology.”

As for Quipper School-like services, teachers and students’ roles are really important. “Teachers’ role within the learning activities is fundamental, especially at school. While students always get interested with new things, particularly with tech-related knowledge, the correlation between teachers’ support and students’ curiosity remains crucial in establishing conducive learning environment through Quipper School,” Monica said.

At the moment, all entities in education scene are no stranger to mobile and internet technology.

Although Quipper School has been utilized by more than one million users, it doesn’t mean that Quipper School has no barrier. Monica stated, “The barrier presents in form of unequal internet connection distribution in Indonesia. Considering the high enthusiasm shown by students and teachers, this particular barrier is usually tolerable, as people don’t mind borrowing devices to get connected, sharing their connection, and getting connected at internet cafes.”

“Now, there are hundred thousand students in Indonesia who fall into their devices, both inside and outside their school,” she added.

This success doesn’t satisfy Quipper School just yet. In the short term, their ambition is to get five million users, in which three million of them come from Indonesia.

“We plan to offer premium content and feature, with the basic content and feature remain free forever. Quipper looks to support and respond to students’ curiosity, especially in Indonesia,” Monica ended. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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