Halofina Introduces Online Financial Consulting Feature “Finaconsult”

Creating a feature with ZAP Finance, consulting fee starts from Rp250 thousand per session

Marsya Nabila - 19 August 2020

The digital financial planner startup Halofina released the Finaconsult feature to facilitate users to choose and connect with certified financial planners. This feature was developed with ZAP Finance, a financial planning consulting firm.

In an online press conference (17/8), Halofina‘s Co-Founder and CEO Adjie Wicaksana explained that digital financial planners are increasingly on-demand, especially in the current pandemic situation.

“We built a platform to help users start financial planning early and easily, cheap also quickly,” Adjie said.

Moreover, users can access Finaconsult by choosing a professional financial planner who also certified as CFP (Certified Financial Planner) from the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB). Each of these professionals has a specialization and users can pick out accordingly to their preference. The consulting fee starts from IDR 250 thousand per session.

In terms of the process, Finaconsult offers three models of financial consulting services, debt management, money management, and financial condition analysis. The output of this consultation is a report, users can get various insights from the analysis of their financial condition and practical recommendations for developing this financial condition, for example related to investment, which will be written in the report.

For user who is ready to implement the investment recommendations in their financial condition analysis reports, Halofina is also integrated with mutual fund product services Tanamduit as an APERD agent and gold purchasing services from Indogold. Both already have official permission from the relevant authorities. In a general note, Halofina has registered with the OJK as IKD.

Security guarantee

Adjie mentioned, each user will select a module and required to input some data, confidentiality maintained, which is then processed by Finaconsult in three working days to produce a report sent to the user.

“We guarantee the confidentiality of users’ personal data as much as possible by not providing any personal data to consultants and partners. The data provided by users is only used for the purposes of analyzing financial conditions and providing recommendations regarding the results of the analysis. ”

To date, the company has curated financial planners who have joined Finaconsult, also ZAP Finance certified. In total, there are eight professionals. They all have their own expertise and experience.

ZAP Finance CEO and Principal Consultant Prita Ghozie added that Finaconsult’s list of consultants is available for users through the FPSB database. This is an institution that certifies the financial planning profession globally which is also recognized by the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP).

“One thing we are not, is we do not receive money from clients to manage it because it requires a license by the investment manager. When it comes to selling or buying share recommendations, it is in the realm of investment advisers,” he explained.

He continued, “Finplan has a more holistic scope of work not only about investing, but also learning about cash flow, loans, and how to direct existing instruments to achieve user goals and how to mitigate them if there is a risk”.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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