Happy Birthday #StartupLokal!

Happy Birthday #StartupLokal!

Happy Birthday #StartupLokal!
Happy Birthday #StartupLokal!

Located at fX Lifestyle X’enter Jakarta on Saturday, April 9, 2010 yesterday, #StartupLokal held a ceremony to commemorate their first birthday. There were two series of events held that day, the first was for limited invitations, held at XXI and the second was a regular monthly Meetup #StartupLokal program, held at Indochine.

With the theme “Digital Heroes goes Global”, in addition to celebrating the anniversary, the event this time would also launch the book #StartupLokal Kita: Ide, Dedikasi, Strategi (#StartupLokal Us: Ideas, Dedication, Strategy), which contains 22 writings of the founder of the Indonesian startups with editors Rhein Mahatma and Joshua Kevin.

In a series of the morning events also presented the initial formation of #StartupLokal up to various Meetups which has now reached the 12th meeting by Sanny Gaddafi. Representatives from Enterprise Ireland also presented the technology business in Ireland as well as market expansion opportunities for Ireland startups to the Indonesian market.

#StartupLokal Community mission is to build a solid startup ecosystem, mutual support and forward together, besides having site in Startuplokal.org also has a very active mailing list at Yahoogroupus (startuplokal@yahoogroups.com) and have a Twitter account  @startuplokal and hashtag #startuplokal. The initiator of the # StartupLokal are Natali Ardianto, Nuniek Tirta, Sanny Gaddafi and Aulia Halimatussadiah.

Natali Ardianto, as one of the initiators of the #StartupLokal also explained about the vision of #StartupLokal until 2020, one of which is the plan to establish The Indonesian Startups Foundation to bridge the investors and startups, while another plan was to build Hackerspace in Jakarta.

The 12th Meetup Event, with the theme “Digital Heroes goes Global”, filled by a series of events, book launching + discussion and major discussion that presents four panelists, Pat O’Riordan – Overseas Manager Singapore – Enterprise Ireland, Edy Sulistyo – eevent.com – Event management primarily for US Market, Denny Santoso – Sixreps.com – Fitness Social Networking, Paul Costigan – Movidus, with moderator Novistiar from CoolFounders.com.

At this Meetup event, each panelist shared their experience on various matters relating to local and global market share. Some of the things expressed by the panelists, among others, Pat O’Riordan said that the startup must see the competition in the global market share but do not forget to research the local market. Edy Sulistyo added that in delivering services or establishing the startup, the option to go global or stay local depends on the problem to be solved, whether a global problem or want to solve problems that arise in the local market.

Paul Costigan also described his company experience that established offices in the U.S. to get some ease, such as recognition required for market expansion. In the discussion this time, Denny Santoso also explained about their expansion plans to the 142 countries that the deal is being prepared with Ultimate Nutrition.

Before the question and answer session, Denny Santoso and Edy Sulistyo made a presentation. There were some infos provided from their presentations relating to their respective services, Denny Santoso (SixReps) described the development of agreements that are in the process with Ultimate Nutrition which will bring SixReps to the next round by serving 142 countries, as well as some recent developments from SixReps services, such as SixReps Passport (some developments concerning SixReps DailySocial can be seen in the article on this link). eEvent (Edy Sulistyo) in his presentation also introduced new features of eEvent that is integration with Facebook.

After the question and answer session, the event ended with the photo session.

Here’s a video recording of the event, as well as a brief interview with Rhein Mahatma and Joshua Kevin on the book: #StartupLokal Kita and a brief interview with Natali Ardianto and Nuniek Tirta as representatives from the # StartupLokal initiators about the event, plan ahead and various other things around the # StartupLokal community.

Happy birthday #StartupLokal, may continue to play a role in developing Indonesian startup ecosystem.

Translated by Nita Sellya.

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