HappyFresh Starts Operating in Surabaya

Amir Karimuddin - 9 October 2015

Five days after revealing its expansion to Surabaya, grocery delivery service HappyFresh finally materialized the promise. The service is now available in Surabaya, as it serves delivery to almost every district in the city. Despite having quite wide delivery range, as far as we know, HappyFresh has just established one Ranch Market store as its basis of operations in Surabaya.

The expansion to Surabaya is the service’s very first expansion in Indonesia ever since starting its operations in Jabodetabek seven months ago. With consumer profile and population as dense as Jakarta, it’s rational to see HappyFresh expanding to Surabaya.

According to HappyFresh’s CEO Markus Bihler, middle to upper consumers in Indonesia will keep on pushing the growth of online retailers. They really care about quality, thus they always long for much better service. Moreover, to services like HappyFresh, it’s important to let consumers having their convenience while doing transaction, due to the fact that urban people really work hard.

As Bihler suggested, while running its daily operations, the team also partner with offline stores to make their services online. Out of three Ranch Market stores in Surabaya, only one on Jalan Basuki Rahmat is ready to serve the people’s daily needs for now.


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