Hijup Acquired U.K.'s Largest Modest Fashion Marketplace Haute-Elan

Soon to launch Hijup UK Ltd, a first step to go global

Amir Karimuddin - 20 February 2018

Moslem fashion marketplace Hijup announced a surprising move while attending London Modest Fashion Week 2018. The company has acquired Haute-Elan, the biggest modest fashion marketplace platform in United Kingdom with undisclosed value. They will launch Hijup UK Limited as the first step to go global.

Hijup was on media hiatus since the last funding acquisition in 2015. Founded by Diajeng Lestari, it made news in the early of 2018 by its acquisition of Haute- Elan. The transaction is said to be facilitated by Aidijuma Colors Group, which is based in Malaysia. The three companies are established by women Founders.

We have yet to receive comment from Hijup on why United Kingdom and Haute-Elan as acquisition target.

Haute-Elan will obtain logistics, operation, technical, strategic advice, and best practice support on how Hijup successfully operates and exists in Indonesia. They target global Islamic and modest fashion marketplace that is estimated to be worth $230 billion.

Romanna Bint-Abubaker, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Haute-Elan commented, “Working together is the only way we can truly achieve the vision of each of us in order to become the biggest online marketplace on earth and create a legacy of opportunity and change. I’m excited about the future that we will create it with our respective experience, skills, and resources’."

Diajeng Lestari, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of HIJUP, added, “The rise of HIJAB fashion is a phenomenon of the rise of moslem women's identity. Hopefully with this big step, we will give a positive impact to the society. We aim to not only bring the 'look good" fashion, but also bring the “feel good” atmosphere towards Islamic identity and to give our contribution by "do good" for the world."

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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