Horse Riding Activity Startup “Djiugo” is Officially Released

New application is available for iOS, coming soon in Android

Equestrian activity has a stigma as an expensive and exclusive sport for the upper class only, but the recent conditions said otherwise. This sport does not require to own a horse due to many horse clubs  and recreation places which accommodate horse riding at an affordable cost.

The absence of information collected on horse riding activities inspired Reshwara Radinal, an Indonesian equestrian athlete, to establish Djiugo startup. Reshwara is a celebrity Nabila Syakieb's husband, who also loves horse riding.

Djiugo is a one stop service platform that provides four types of services to meet all of equestrian needs, whether athletes, professional riders, or families who are interested in riding. Services of horse sale, horse trainer services from inside or outside the country, horse riding tour packages, also sharing information through blogs and news.

Temporarily, the new Djiugo is only available for iOS. An Android version is coming soon no later than this year.

Djiugo partners with various parties, from both the Netherlands and local in providing its services. There are three stable partners to facilitate the sale and purchase of imported horses, Djiugo will also provide logistics services in its delivery.

There are 10 stable partners in Indonesia. Potentially, there are approximately 200 stable throughout Indonesia that can be Djiugo partner. They also provide travel and photography packages to equestrian places in Indonesia and abroad.

"We've done some research. Djiugo can be considered as the first application in Asia Pacific that provides comprehensive information about horse riding. I built my own application a year ago and took CodeInc as the developer," said Reshwara, Tuesday (11/14).

The presence of this application is expected to gain not only those who passionate about horse even the amateur ones to share information so that a new community can be formed. In consideration, Djiugo collects stable information or trainers not only within the country, but also abroad.

As for monetization, Djiugo relies on commissions from horse sales services, coach calling services and tour packages. However, Reshwara is not willing to mention the percentage taken.

His short term target for Djiugo is to be a complete source of information for Indonesian citizen on equestrian activity. According to him, the information can be a reference for users to be wiser in choosing equestrian activity with prevailing security standards.

"We want to develop further riding activities in Indonesia. We've seen many recreational areas that provide horse riding, swimming and archery in one location over the past two years. This is potentially good to break the stigma of an expensive riding activity. We are targeting all circles as users."

- Article is originally written in Indonesian. Translated by Kristin Siagian.

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