How to Register to S Apps Planet

Amir Karimuddin - 21 February 2012

In the previous article I was talking about S Apps Planet released by S Nexian. This mobile application store will present as a pre-loaded for new S Nexian Android smartphone. With the ads that have been circulating everywhere, in a large billboard and in a media, everyone in this industry must assume that S Nexian is working seriously on this app store business.

However, if we try to navigate various menus on the S Nexian official site, there is no information at all about how the developer could register their Android application into S Apps Planet. I tried contacting S Nexian and got a reply saying Iguana Technology is in charge for the application registration process. Finally, Iguana Technology Representative, Linda Regina provides information on how the developer can register the application.

Currently the developers who want to place their application may contact Iguana Technology via email, sappsplanet[at] In addition, the query may also be addressed via phone on 021-5680605 or 021-5680502.

Linda also explained that the business scheme promoted by S Apps Planet consists of two things. First is revenue sharing scheme; the income is divided by the percentage that has been agreed between the operator as a payment partner, S Nexian, and developers. Second scheme is "cash and carry"; S Nexian would buy full mobile application that is offered. S Apps Planet will use operator billing to process the transaction of application purchase. They have been working with five GSM operators.

Usually if there are vendors/operators who want to develop their application store, they will be sounding it in the forum or developer community in advance. Thus, at the product launch they already have the significant amount of "merchandises". S Nexian seems providing different way to boost S Apps Planet prestige through a public massive campaign. A part of applications, song/music/audio files will also be available in S Apps Planet.

Would this strategy encourage more developers for putting their Android application to S Apps Planet (belongs to S Nexian)?

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