Hukumonline Introduces E-Learning for Law Study

Justika and Easybiz also have updated version, optimizing monetization channel

Randi Eka - 23 October 2020

The portal for legal information and service provider Hukumonline recently showed its commitment to enter the edtech industry. Still surrounding their expertise, they released "Online Course Hukumonline" as an online legal learning service.

The delivery model is in the form of an online course, in which there is a learning management system that contains learning content on certain topics. Each material has been arranged systematically and contextually, consisting of 5-6 sessions with teaching methods through video-on-demand, practice questions, quizzes, and reading references.

Hukumonline's Online Course also provides business packages for group purchases. Each paid material, access will be given for one year.

Hukumonline's COO, Ramos Pandia said that currently there are still few learning platforms with legal subjects that offer competent instructors. This online course aims to strengthen Hukumonline as the most comprehensive technology-based legal learning center in Indonesia.

Hukumonline also collaborates with the Indonesian Law College Jentera in content development. The lecturers from the campus are also a resource in the courses provided. However, it is stated that the content does not refer to the curriculum, but rather to the expertise and experience of each teacher.

"We expect this platform to become an effective learning alternative for fellow practitioners and legal academics in Indonesia, therefore, distance is no longer a problem. With a relatively low cost, our hope is that it can reach all levels of society to become more lawful," Ramos said.

E-learning study legal on Hukumonline

On the other hand, law study material looks tough for many stages. However, Ramos is quite sure that along with the education that is being carried out, more and more people are interested in studying law. "Many people do not realize that everything in life almost certainly intersects the law. We are innovating to present the law in a way that is relevant and also easily understood by the public."

Ramos continued, "We also see amid this pandemic the moment of distance learning becomes important, therefore, we present the materials needed for law students / fresh graduates to prepare themselves for the world of work. Meanwhile, for professionals or society in general, we also try to present important materials such as licensing for business entities, corporate criminal liability, the importance of delivering LKPM which in the future will be followed by other materials. "

Releasing new products

Last February 2020, Hukumonline announced the Series A funding led by the Emerging Media Opportunity Fund. There was no mention of the nominal amount of funds obtained, but it was said that this additional capital would be focused on developing new products, one of which was boosting the "premium subscription" feature as the main business model.

Hukumonline recently released "Premium Stories", a premium legal article service that is presented in a comprehensive manner, which can be used as a practical reference for legal professionals. "We present this service to help legal professionals to facilitate legal research, study certain legal issues while working from home," explained Ramos.

In addition, Justika as a subsidiary in the field of online legal consulting platforms has also released a paid chat product. Not long ago, Justika's services were also integrated into Bukalapak's marketplace service in the Tanya Hukum product. Also conveyed, until the end of the year, Justika will focus on developing advanced products from chat, such as document services and negotiation assistance.

Meanwhile, another business unit Easybiz, which is a platform to help establish online businesses, also adds new services. One of them is a postal business license and a property trade intermediary license. "Easybiz will create a system to expand access so that more and more business actors throughout Indonesia receive assistance for processing Micro and Small Business Permits (IUMK). Starting from information gathering to payment, it will be integrated into this system," concluded Ramos.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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