IconReel is a Platform to Connect Influencer and Brand

Claims to use AI technology for social media influencer analysis

Prayogo Ryza - 23 July 2018

Are you familiar with the term “selebtweet” or “selebgram”? It’s a word to call those who gain many followers on Twitter and Instagram. They’re influencing. They’re called influencer and people often hire them for any kind of product marketing campaigns or activities. The increasing use of influencer is utilized by (a pivot from formerly grocery service) by making an influencer discovery platform called IconReel. This platform works by connecting influencers with campaigners and brands.

IconReel provides a search engine for an easy way to find content creators, “selebtweet”, “selebgram”, and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) with brands to collaborate. For an optimal support, IconReel claims to use Artificial Intelligence technology for social media analysis data in helping a brand to find the suitable criteria.

In the search column, there are kinds of categories or filters that can help brands to find a specific influencer. Start from followers limit, the platforms they used, related industry, location, also countries.

Founded by Winston Muljadi and Bradian Muliadi, IconReel has been operating since August 27, 2016. As time goes by, IconReel is trying to be a leading platform for influencer marketing in Indonesia with variant features, completed with accurate analysis.

IconReel facilitates not only brands to find the right influencers, but also provide full-service agency to help brands from planning, recruitment, execution, and evaluate campaign activities. A full package for brands or those in need of social media exposure with the role of influencers.

“We look forward to empower local business and communities globally through data analytics and social media-based technology products as our vision in Building Power and Democratizing Social Empowerment Platforms,” IconReel representative told DailySocial.

To complement IconReel as influencer discovery platform, is about to launch another new product called It is an SaaS platform with artificial intelligence technology for Instagram’s hashtag and account analysis.

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