IDN Media Plans to Invest 50 Billion Rupiah for Its Live Streamer Networks Appreciation Program

The IDN Live Streamer Fund comes with other benefits, including access to studios, mentoring, brand sponsorship, and support for production equipment.

In order to give appreciation to streamers as well as motivate them to continuously being creative in creating live streaming content, IDN Media launched the IDN Live Streamer Fund program in April 2022. This program will provide capital of IDR 50 billion.

IDN Media's Co-Founder & CEO, Winston Utomo revealed to DailySocial, through this program, it is expected that this program will continue the development of live streaming content on IDN Live, both in terms of creators and the creativity of the content. At the same time, participate in building economic creators in Indonesia.

IDN Live is a live streaming platform that complements other existing popular content, such as news articles from media, quizzes, to movies under the auspices of the company.

The IDR 50 billion fund is not limited to anyone and will be distributed to selected streamers who already meet certain criteria. Other benefits are including media coverage, promotional strategies, and paid advertising in the IDN Media ecosystem. In addition, there is also access to use IDN's professional studios located in Jakarta and Surabaya offices for content creation.

On the business side, creators can also get brand sponsorship opportunities facilitated by ICE (IDN Media's creator marketing platform). There are also various training and mentoring programs from the IDN Media team and devices to support live streaming sessions, such as cameras, microphones, mixers, etc.

"We are very open to various types of live stream content according to their respective creativity. Starting from lifestyle, travel, culinary, horror, music, K-Pop, and many more. However, there are  community guidelines that must be followed," Winston said.

Previously, Gojek's streaming platform also launched the GoPlay Creator Fund for similar purpose. They prepare of Rp15 billion as a monthly bonus for creators who meet the program's criteria.

Supporting economic creators

It is recorded that the current existence of content creators to influencers is increasingly being used by brands to carry out marketing activities. In order to support these content creators, this program is part of IDN Media's strategy to support the growth of economic creators in Indonesia.

The existence of streamers and their diverse content is an important part in the development of IDN Live in the future. The IDN Live Streamer Fund program is expected to spur the creativity of streamers, encourage the emergence of new quality streamers, as well as support the content creator industry in Indonesia.

"Through this program, we also expect to continue to develop live streaming content on IDN Live, both in terms of creators and the creativity of the content presented. In addition, we also hope to be able to participate in building the creator economy in Indonesia," Winston said.

Last February, IDN Media also launched the IDN Creator Network. Which is a marketing agency that aims to connect creators and brands to run campaigns more effectively.

The large number of requests for marketing with storytelling techniques became the first idea for launching the platform, to maximize strategy and deliver brand messages in the right way. In its early days, IDN Creative Network has collaborated with more than 130 top Indonesian influencers.

"At IDN Media, we really believe in the potential of economic creators. If you look at the existing trends, Gen Z is currently dominating the economic creators in Indonesia. That's why we also want to support the younger generation to be able to work through useful and quality content. One step at a time, for a better Indonesia," Winston said.

– Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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