INA 2.0 Champion Goers Secures Seed Funding from Five Investors

Randi Eka - 7 October 2015

INA 2.0 champion Goers is on the move, as it just sealed an investment from five different parties, which are three angel investors, a financial institution, and Indigo Incubator. It has just released its Android app, which has been downloaded 3000 times so far.

Goers App’ Co-Founder and COO Niki Tsuraya Yaumi commented on his business’ growth and new mission:

“We currently have 13 full-time rangers [including 3 co-founders]. We want to focus on partnership with parties who hold events or activities in Jakarta. We want to help more event organizers to promote events, sell tickets, and evaluate events more transparently. We will also do numerous online and offline marketing strategies to acquire and retain new users.”

Ever since being launched five months ago, Goers has now possessed 3.000 users, with equal composition between male and female. In terms of jobs, 60% of total Goers users are students and first jobbers.

“We will release several features which may facilitate users in using the app and travel to the right events which match their preference. We expect to have hundreds of partners and thousands of users by the end of this year,” Yaumi stated.

Goers’ development contributes to the improvisation on their business monetization. Previously, Goers secures its revenue from commission fee of ticket sales. By next year, Goers stated that it would create two new revenue streams to increase its profit, although it refused to commented further on that plan. Meanwhile, its sponsorship content, native ads, premium user and deep user analytics are options that the company may apply on the app.

After providing a complete solution on event information and ticket sales in Jakarta, Goers plans on expanding to other cities, namely Bandung and Bali. It also emphasized that it’s not impossible to see the service entering regional scale. In the meantime, Goers focuses on recruiting the best talents, including software developers.


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