Indonesian Digital Association Shouts Out #BersatuIndonesiaku

Each IDA's member decided not to publicize or affiliate with the digital industry supporting radicalism and terrorism

Amir Karimuddin - 16 May 2018

IDA (Indonesia's Digital Association), an organization that supports Indonesia's digital industry players, initiates campaign #BersatuIndonesiaku in social media to act against radicalism and terrorism in the digital channel.

As an association that builds and supports Indonesia's big publishers, such as, KASKUS, Tribunnews,, Kapanlagi Youniverse, MetroTVNews, Okezone, IDNtimes,, Kumparan, VIVA, ,,, and dozens of digital publishers, IDA sees public's education is very important to stop the radicalism and terrorism using the digital channel.

IDA expects the campaign #BersatuIndonesiaku can push Indonesia's population to be wiser in using social media, with a unified Indonesia and the diversity spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

"Social and mainstream media is now facing the wide and organized hoax. Public needs to take this phenomenon positively, under the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. This is the starting point of #BersatuIndonesiaku campaign, that is expected to educate people to be wiser in facing social media issue, particularly related to radicalism and terrorism," Ronny W Sugiadha, Head of IDA and Kaskus's CMO, said.

As for further action, all IDA members are decided not to publicize or affiliate with any group supporting radicalism and terrorism, by not inviting them as speakers.

"We hope the campaign #BersatuIndonesiaku can have a good impact on social media use in Indonesia. We, as Indonesia's digital industry players, want the public to be wiser in searching and spreading information online, for suppressing radicalism and terrorism in the country and worldwide," Steve Christian, CEO of KLY, said.

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