The number is obtained from around 6% of 50 million internet user in Indonesia who shop online. The number also indicates increase because in 2009, only 3% of internet user shopped online. The facts are revealed by the Director of Ideosource, Andi S. Boediman as reported by IndoTelko.

Indonesian e-commerce manages to reach such number, according to Andi, is because of two things; namely the growth of Indonesian economy and the fact that now e-commerce website in Indonesia has provide a safe and comfortable media to shop online. That includes payment from customer to e-commerce owner and goods delivery from e-commerce owner to the customer.

Unfortunately, the increase of Indonesian e-commerce does not followed by the development of payment platform. Andi mentions that around 70% of e-commerce shopper pays with bank transfer. The rest trust the transaction to credit card. This payment platform is still widely open for development.

Andi predicts that Indonesian e-commerce market will reach the mature level in the next two years. But not all e-commerce sites in Indonesia will be able to survive. According to Andi, only those which are smart in selecting the market segment, which will be able to survive.

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