Indonesian Startup NgaturDuit Will Perform at APEC Startup Conference

NgaturDuit is invited to give a presentation at the APEC Startup Conference in Seoul, South Korea, 11-12 June. This is a great opportunity for NgaturDuit to introduce themselves in the conference that would be attended by government representatives, startup, venture capital, and entrepreneurs from 16 APEC member countries. Besides NgaturDuit , there are only two other startups that will make a presentation at this event.

APEC Startup Conference is the first APEC conference to discuss startup. The event was initiated by APEC's Small Medium Entreprise Innovation Center (SMEIC) and was organized to further encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in Asia Pacific because the development of startup has emerged as one of the key drivers of world economic growth. This event will be having theme "Start-up APEC, Boot-up Economies".

According to CEO NgaturDuit, Api Perdana, it was very pleased with the appointment of NgaturDuit to make a presentation at this event. Besides the opportunity to introduce them, NgaturDuit also honored to assist APEC governments to decide on policies related to the startup.

Further explaination that the invite of NgaturDuit is one of their perseverance results in building a network with all parties. On many occasions the invitation event on startup, NgaturDuit is always trying to present and get acquainted with those who come to the event. NgaturDuit known by many here, brings several benefits such as grants from USAID and presentation invitation in this APEC Startup Conference.

In 2012, the NgaturDuit start reaping the rewards of the innovations since its service's launch. It started successfully to obtain financing the operating costs of enterprises; NgaturDuit plans to establish an independent company in a joint venture this month.

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