Indosat and DoCoMo to Present eSIM Solution

Michael Erlangga - 5 August 2015

Recently, Indosat officially ratified an MoU with Japan-based DoCoMo to conduct a trial for international M2M (machine to machine) using DoCoMo’s eSIM device (3/8). The partnership will enable users to use only one SIM Card while traveling internationally.

“eSIM is the latest technology that allows cellular operators to provide a complete yet simple solution using scalable, prominent, and secure connection that enables them to do remote SIM Card provisioning anywhere, so that the international M2M mobilization can be done. We expect eSIM tehnology to support global customers in facilitating their M2M needs all over the world as well as accelerate the M2M market growth in Asia,” Indosat’s Division Head M2M Solutions Hendra Sumiarsa stated.

DoCoMo will have the technical and eSIM strategy building capacities to support customers at global scale. Meanwhile, Indosat, with its experts of M2M, will keep on offering various complete and flexible M2M solutions, including M2M connectivity, M2M platform-based M2M Manage Connectivity, and one-stop-shop M2M solution with end-to-end support.

The solution will plant the eSIM into M2M devices even when they are still being fabricated. eSIM will then be activated from distance through selected M2M customer’s profile, which is available at the local operator where the device is operated. The eSIM-planted devices will then be sent to M2M customer’s location and ready to be tested or used using the destination country’s subscription package. Users can later change or modify the package from distance everytime they move to other countries.

eSIM technology enables multinational M2M users to cut inter-device production lines integration using only one SIM Card, thus users can do their activities in global cellular network without having to change their SIM Card. In other words, eSIM optimizes businesses and makes it faster and more efficient. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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