Indosat Dompetku Is Now Connected to QNB Indonesia’s Banking Network

Amir Karimuddin - 17 December 2014

Indosat and QNB Bank Indonesia collaborate to present the mobile money solution. Not only is accessible through smartphone, Dompetku may now also be enjoyed by QNB customers via their ATM cards. This enables one cellular number (Indosat) to be some kind of ID card of one saving account. In result, Dompetku users may freely draw cash at anytime from any unit of QNB’s ATM network and ATM Bersama. 

The collaboration is the first one of its kind in Indonesia. Yes, it’s true that there was CIMB Niaga which develops cellphone account system earlier, but Indosat and QNB become the first to integrate the system into the popular e-money system. This surely helps government’s attempts of supporting the cashless society and branchless banking system a lot.

Noteworthy enough, both Ooredoo and QNB, the parent companies of Indosat and QNB Indonesia, are based in the same country: Qatar. To be exact, QNB Indonesia is a result of QNB’s acquirement towards the Kesawan Bank.

Alexander Rusli, Indosat’s CEO, commented about this partnership in his press release, “It is our commitment to always present e-money service-based innovation and best experiance to our users, thus we welcome the very first Dompetku QNB ATM card in Indonesia. We expect that this service would give advantages to customers, especially those who are accustomed to money transfer.” is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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