Infokost is Ready for Medan and Balikpapan

Prayogo Ryza - 23 September 2015

Infokost ( will enter new cities. After establishing itself in seven cities in the Island of Java and Bali, the service now eyes for Sumatera and Kalimantan, specifically Medan and Balikpapan. Infokost’s presence in those cities is expected to help people there to find or make proper boarding house.

Being founded back in 2011, Infokost, who is under PT Mediapura Digital Indonesia, one of GDP Ventures’ subsidiaries, has always been attempting to facilitate boarding house’s owners and seekers by providing a digital platform which can be used to share information on boarding houses.

Infokost offers several options for users to access its services, be it via its Android app or website. One of its best features is the map-integrated location-based search feature that facilitates seekers to find their dream boarding house.

So far, the team’s internal data shows that the platform has enjoyed 558,000 monthly unique visits with a total of 30,000 listings registered on its database. This is basically the reason why the team are confident of doing the expansion to Medan and Balikpapan.

“We will keep on improving our technology and network to facilitate the people’s crave for full information on boarding houses. However, also provides other information than that, especially in Bali, as we always want to fulfill people’s need based on their location,” Infokost’s CEO Frandy Wirajaya Sugiarto stated.

He added that Infokost also accommodates the renters by providing products that they need.

“We don’t only fulfill the need of seekers, but also the need of the renters as well. To do so, we partner with some brand owners to distribute their samples to renters; The products of course are those that they need. We also form the KOSMOKLUB community to shape and intensify the relationship between renters,” he added.

KOSMOKLUB is a community of renters which is based on Indokost’s services. So far, more than 40.000 renters have joined the community.

Disclosure: DailySocial and Infokost are under the same parent company.

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