Init-6 Invests in the "Showwcase" Community Platform fo Developers

After channeling investment in local cloud service provider IDCloudHost, in early 2022, Init-6 announced another funding to Showwcase.

Showwcase is a US based startup that specifically provides a professional network designed to connect developers, build communities, and discover new opportunities. Due to the increasing number of developers today, making platforms like Showwcase is considered very relevant.

This is a seed round funding and the value is undisclosed. In total, Init-6 has currently invested in 15 portfolios. Most of them are startups from Indonesia. Showwcase, in fact, has plans to expand in Indonesia.

Init-6's Partner, Nugroho Herucahyono revealed to DailySocial that they invested in Showwcase because of the lack digital talents. There is an imbalance between supply and demand for tech talents.

"One of the problems that we observe is the lack of solutions that can accommodate the needs of tech talent to connect, share knowledge, showcase technology skills, and find opportunities in the technology community. Seeing that problem, we believe Showwcase can be the answer to represent the needs of technology talent in the market. We believe that the Showwcase platform can bridge the supply and demand gap for technology talent.”

Launched in 2020, Init-6 was founded with focus on investing in early-stage startups. Init-6 made its first investment into the edtech platform Eduka. Throughout 2022, they plan to invest in more startups in Indonesia.

Platfotm for developers

The increasing number of training platforms, such as coding classes and coding bootcamps, has generate more developers in Indonesia. However, there are not many platforms that provide opportunities for them to create networks and broaden their insights. In the future, Showwcase wants to be a forum for developers in Indonesia to establish online connection.

A local platform that prior to offer a similar concept was Dicoding. Since the beginning, Dicoding has utilized its website platform to reach developers and potential developers in Indonesia. There are several activities that can be followed through the website, ranging from developer competitions, developer events, and learning channels with programming topics.

Another platform that offers a similar concept is Kotakode. the platform also functions as a channel for Q&A for programmers.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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