Because Everyone Has The Right To Have Equal Access to Innovation

Because we truly believe, everyone has the right to have equal access to innovation.

Rama Mamuaya - 31 October 2019

Perhaps one of the most overused word of the century, innovation is currently the key word used to highlight the change of an era. Not only in Indonesia, but also across global history. Ironically, innovation that is supposed to change the world, is becoming an exclusive commodity owned by the 1%. We need to change this.

At DailySocial, we really believe in the true meaning of the phrase “Innovation for all”, where anyone can be better, everyone can lift their life and evolve. For us, innovation has never been purely about technology, it’s about redefining yourself and transform. Society on all level, has the right to access the information and knowledge to become a better version of themselves.

Re-new. Re-invent.


For the past few years, our team has been focusing on making this dream come true. The dream of having a technology platform that gives equal access to everyone to information, data, knowledge, know-hows to be better. We’re very lucky to have been synergizing with partners that has the same vision, the same goal.

Last year, we launched an incubation program for hundreds of SMEs in Indonesia, giving them access to the global market using technology. We help build a playground for developers, engineers, and app builders to create and experiment through our hackathon programs. All this, to show that it is our dream to make technology more inclusive. It has to involve all, no man left behind. And making that dream come true won’t be easy. But it’s what’s required.

This is a particularly big problem in Indonesia. So if not us, who?

Today, we proudly launch the fruit of our dream. The manifestation of our very own Utopia, is no longer abstract. A technology platform that gives equal access to everyone, equal right to innovation. Aside from making our dreams come true, this endeavor is also our own way to innovate, to redefine who we are as a company moving forward.

Using this innovation platform, we’ll be partnering with all stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem, to give maximum impact both for Indonesia but also for the world. One country at a time. Corporations, investors, government and regulators, startup founders, innovators and mentors, to take the role as facilitator.

We present to you, An innovation platform for all, without exception. Because we truly believe, everyone has the right to have equal access to innovation. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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