Introducing Attendance Application to Support Work From Home System

Currently available on Play Store, can be integrated to the HR service of Talenta by Mekari

Yenny Yusra - 23 March 2020

In supporting the work from home (WFH) system as recommended by the government to avoid the Corona Virus outbreak, Talenta by Mekari has launched the mobile app to manage employee attendance in a practical and simple way named Attendance by Talenta.

Mekari’s CEO, Suwandi Soh told DailySocial that the application is now available on Play Store and allows free access for everyone working remotely in time of this pandemic.

This app offers free access for 120 days after the activation within March 17-31, 2020. However, it’s possible to extend the period whether the work-from-home notice is still ongoing.

“Furthermore, the Attendance by Talenta app will use the freemium format, there is the possibility of additional charges for accessing certain features or services. In addition, Attendance can also be linked to the Talenta application which has more complete HR support features such as payroll or employee benefits management,” Suwandi said.

Attendance by Talenta introduced with aims to be the practical and transparent attendance management solution for business owners and employees. It was designed to be more flexible for companies without such term as to involve the whole company, there can be just 1 team to use it for employee management and monitoring, the most-mobile division, for example, the sales team.

“This application uses all mobile-based technology, therefore, employee monitoring can be done in real-time by the company’s admin via a smartphone. There will be two types of users, admin and employee. This monitoring will be seen on users who log in as the admin,” he added.

There are some leading features to be utilized by companies, including Live Attendance, Real-Time Monitoring, Automatic Attendance Recap to Shifting Management. With the selfie check-in and check-out feature and GPS-based location recording, employees will be able to make an absence directly from their cellphone.

“Most smartphone users in Indonesia are currently using the Android operating system, therefore, we put this application first on Playstore. However, it will soon be available on iOS,” Suwandi said.

In fact, other than attendance, business owners can also do other things to make a successful WFH system. For example, provides a technology-based workspace that makes it easier for teams to produce and measure their output. Instead of attendance, they choose to hold meetings through video calls to ensure smooth communication in order to complete tasks on the day.

It’s agreed by eFishery, increasing collaboration through digital media became a choice. Collaboration indirectly supports the presence of each employee. Using the to-do list application will also ensure that every division in the company is always on a measurable productivity path.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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