Introducing RuangRawat, Caring Service Facility for Elders

Operation starts in early 2018, continue on customers and partners growth

Prayogo Ryza - 28 September 2018

Started developing its platform since December 2017, RuangRawat is in charge for customers in need of elders healthcare solution. RuangRawat's solution works to facilitate nurses and elders needing health care or personal care at home.

Rio Febrian, RuangRawat's Founder, told DailySocial, aside from connecting nurses with patients, RuangRawat can as well save up the maintenance cost due to various options for patients based on financial ability.

Comfort becomes the number-one-priority of RuangRawat. Patients can get exclusive care by a nurse for one patient.

"Because we want to give equal spaces for everyone to have the best healthcare service in any time and locations. A space providing access for those who want the personal nurse in the easy, safe, and reliable way; space for nurses in getting paid based on performance; and space with mutual benefits for both patients and nurses," he said.

In developing RuangRawat, Febrian supported by Nasrul Fatah and Ratna Suryani as Co-Founder. They run RuangRawat with pre-seed funding from Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education's Technology-Based Startup Company (PPBT) grant program in 2018 and currently in the incubation process under Universitas Indonesia's Directorate of Business Innovation and Incubator (DIIB).

Since its commercial debut in March 2018, RuangRawat already has 76 verified patients and performed 297 types of assistance.

RuangRawat's features

RuangRawat is now available in Android. There are 2 types of apps, for Patients and Partners. Features for patients include service options, nurses or nursing partners search, booking and payment, and patient's medic report.

In terms of nursing partners, there are profile setting, location, and service types, including notification options to accept or decline the order. In the partner's version, there's a recap feature that allows nurses to monitor their income. They also capable to set the rates for individual nursing, start from IDR 50K per hour/shift/act.

A requirement for the nursing partners is to have a background in the field of nursing or health with a diploma or Certificate of Registration (STR) of Indonesian Health Workforce.

"RuangRawat Service targets 1000 nursing partners with total home services of 1690 transactions in the first year. Therefore, we're currently seeking for advance funding of the venture capital," he concluded.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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