Introducing Trenologi, My New Project After DailySocial

wiku - 27 July 2012

Previously, Aulia wrote an article, that may be exagerate the fact, about me leaving DailySocial. But what he wrote yesterday is true, I am no longer the chief editor of DailySocial and currently working on a new project.

Introducing, my new toy – or let’s call it project (to make it sound more serious) – after involved in developing DailySocial for more than 3 years. Trenologi is still under the same company which is responsible for DailySocial – sorry, Aulia. I’m not literally out of the building. I will still write for DailySocial, although won’t be as often as I did when I was chief editor.

Trenologi is a tech blog aimed for public with news coverage that focusses on consumers. It will discuss various things related to technology starting from internet culture, social media and gadget. Articles will be written with a more casual language and will stay in character as a blog.

Trenology is only born to the world, still very far from perfect and open for more development. But we in Trenologi are very excited to face the challenges and will try to develop this new media as well as possible, while staying open for cooperations with many parties.

Although internet user in Indonesia is minority, but increasing rapidly. We also see the chance to participate in giving useful information for internet users. With unique style of DailySocial but certainly with different format, Trenologi hopes to be a reading material that grows with the growing trend of technology.

As for DailySocial, without disregarding other editors, I think Aulia is the right person to lead DailySocial to the next phase, especially from editorial side. So after the exciting journey, I can’t wait to see DailySocial’s journey under Aulia.

I want to express gratitude for the help, relation and communicatuin built during my service as DailySocial’s chief editor. To the readers who are willing to spare some time to read my articles. To the founders, investors, friends, fellow bloggers, media people and everyone I met on my journey as DailySocial’s chief editor, including friends on DailySocial and MerahPutih Inc.. I apologize for any wrong doing. I hope our relationship will not come to an end because we still can meet through Trenologi.

Lastly, let me quote from a song Surrender by my favorite band, Float.

“To the future we surrender. Let’s just celebrate today, tomorrow’s too far away”

Till we meet again at next door’s newsroom. 😉 is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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