Ivosights Launches "Tania", Customer Service Digital Channel Aggregation

Ensuring every brand that has entered the app is an official channel of related company

Developer of customer engagement platform Ivosights recently launched its newest product, called Tania. This product is an aggregator application that enables the brand owner to connect with the customer, or can be called customer touchpoint. This app is made on Android platform and expected to be able to gain more consumers.

"Tania was developed to facilitate consumers in interacting with the brand, without confusion of seeking and determining the official account of a particular brand," said Ivosights' CEO, Elga Yulwardian.

Tania is currently connects consumers to email and branded official accounts on social media directly  like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Impressively, Tania has curated and verified the brand, so that consumers are certainly connected to the right channel . Tania itself is designed to accommodate suggestions, questions / requests, and complaints about services or products used by consumers.

"We have 850 brands from 35 industry sectors accessible through Tania, and this number will continue to increase," Yulwardian said.

Previously, Ivosights slid an offer of three excellent platforms for the consumer services management in social media, namely Digital Monitoring Platform, Social Customer Care Platform, and Automation Social CRM Platform. By presenting end-to-end solution, Ivosights expects its services can be an alternative domestic product for digital marketing. Most businesses are often use services such as Zendesk to monitor all their social media marketing activities.

Handling consumers on social media is not easy

Social media is an effective way to bring the brand closer to the consumer, as in average today’s digital consumer is closely related with the use of social media. However, is it as easy as its implementation? Looking at the practice of many existing top brands in handling customer complaints via social media, it is quite complicated. Each customer is unique with very different nature. This is a difficult point to accommodate by technology, beyond the speed of any possible responses.

However, some time ago Ivosights have established special cooperation with LIPI. One of its target achievements is to present a system that is able to recognize the sentiment (positive or negative) of social media user behavior related to customer service. Basically, such automation is possible, considering concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Data Science are getting very real.

- The original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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