Jakarta Founder Institute (1st Batch) has graduated 13 Founders – 8 Startups

Jakarta Founder Institute (1st Batch) has graduated 13 Founders – 8 Startups

Jakarta Founder Institute (1st Batch) has graduated 13 Founders – 8 Startups
Jakarta Founder Institute (1st Batch) has graduated 13 Founders – 8 Startups

On February 9, at @america Pacific Place Jakarta, Jakarta Founder Institute (JKTFI) held a graduation ceremony for their first batch of startups.

13 founders have established eight startups with a variety of services, there are live features and services that can be enjoyed by users. However most of them are still preparing to launch their services.

The event was quite interesting. Attended by the mentors and the invitees including the investors, the event also featured the presentation from the graduates who have described their services, market opportunities and market business strategy.

Founder Institute is an idea-stage global incubator that has been held in various countries. In Jakarta, this 13 founders is the first batch of successful ‘education’ in Jakarta Founder Institute. As written in previous DailySocial articles, there are 132 participants registered, 42 of them were accepted and finally only 13 founders are left.

The participants had more than 20 mentors consisting of the big names and experienced professionals in Indonesia technology world and global; among others are Andi S. Boediman, Andy Zain, Izak Djenie, Peter Vesterbacka, Phil Libin and Nanda Ivens, Remco Lupker, Antonny Liem, etc. The task and guidance are quite tight but finally the founders have managed to deal with all tasks and succeeded establishing 8 startups.

Eight startups that made a presentation at the event are:

1. Abilities

This startup provides service to help those affected by stroke, ALS or those who have active mind but with limited control over their bodies and the normal eyes capability. The first product of Abilities is Android application for eye tracking with affordable cost.

In a simple way, this application is using Android basis front camera phone to perform certain commands. This command is done with “a wink”.

Abilities plans to release their service on February 24th. This service also has cooperated with Samsung. Later on, they will develop premium application with an affordable cost. They also partnered with several hospitals.

Abilities is the product of AndTechnology and they are the SparxUp Awards 2011 grand winner.

Founders graduated from JKTFI are Ridwan Djuhari and Josep William Widjaja.

2. Eductory

This startup developed online media to help middle-upper segment/class parents to find the right education for their children. The existing education is including schools, courses, and private counseling.

One of the benefits that they want to highlight from this service is automated matching engine. Some features would be available, such as search/directory facility, review/share and social network. In the search facility, the advantage is developed thus users can find what they are looking for according to their appropriate behaviour in Eductory.

Their business plans are advertising, paid content and lead generation. While the developing strategy service is to organize the event, build a partnership with education providers and influencers who have a concern with education. They plan to release it on March 16th this year.

Founder graduated from JKTFI are Nelly Kasih (Founder – CEO) and Sindhu Dilaksono Prabowo (Co-Founder – CTO).

3. Fokado

Fokado is the only startup Jakarta Founder Institute graduates who have released their service. Fokado provide service that is focusing on experience.

Users can choose a gift for someone else but the prize isn’t “a regular prize”, it’s an experience. So the gift donor can choose a variety of experiences that are available on Fokado site, they can buy and give gift certificate to desired person. A Gift certificate can be sent with a wrap (like a real gift) or in the form of an e-certificate.

Currently a variety of experience gifts are available on their site, such as fencing, wake boarding, tea workshop, dj lessons and horse riding. There is also a gift experience for single or couple.

Founder graduated from JKTFI is Antonius Taufan.

4. Ifetcha

This service is targeting mobile devices users. Ifetcha application intended to help users to connect with new people around them. Ifetcha application is based on location. It  has some social features and gamification.

This application is basically a mobile dating service, targeting users with age around 18 – 35 years. In this application there are also elements of rewards – badges are based on points accumulated for doing certain activities.

This application is scheduled to be released on late March in Blackberry (in Indonesian and English).

Founder graduated from JKTFI are Muhammad Ikram and Yadi Guitana.

5. Mitra Micro

This service is targeting informal workers or individuals in Indonesia that are living with low incomes. Mitra Micro is providing the insurance for those in need.

Mitra Micro works with the subscription model and has a partnership with insurance company. Their service is using mobile application and web.

So, at the simple words, for future the insurance company partners would be using Mitra Micro to provide TI services (end to end solution) and create a partnership strategy for distributing the insurance program. Insurance will be sold at Ruma.co.id. mig33, and PT POS. Mitra Micro monetization will be coming from the premium commission has been sold.

The first plan released is on March 15th, 2012. According to the plan, their application will be available on BB, Samsung, Nexian and Symbian-based phones.

Founder graduated from JKTFI is Hendra Suryakusuma.

6. Socientix

This service provides the “other way” for asset manager to invest. Starting from the passion founder in the investment field, Socientix has invited investors to invest. However it’s not always about money but also the social element.

While is still in development stage; this cloud-based service will provide profiling feature and monitoring with filtering news feature, performance analysis, etc. Then there is reporting to provide a variety of reports, including standards, SCR, etc.

This service plans to provide an API for third parties. Socientix plans to launch their services later on April 2012.

Founder graduated from JKTFI is David Darmawan.

7. Stilomo

Application for mobile devices provides a service for those who want to get discounts from various merchants. Unlike the other services which require user to buy a discount coupon, to get a promo on Stilomo users only need to share promo information on social media.

This service is having gamification element. The strategy offered to merchants is to create a viral marketing with a low budget. For business owners, the report for their promo activities will be provided.

Business owners will not be charged to appear in Stilomo but to get all the available features, they must pay small amount of cost. Later the business owners can do their own post.

Applications will be available for iOS platform, Android and Blackberry. The first service will be launched officially on April 9th 2012 or even sooner than that.

Founder graduated from JKTFI are Rebecca Agiestha, Nicholas Yudha and Stanley Octavian.

8. Wujudkan

This is a crowdfunding service dedicated to Indonesia creative project. Artists and creators in Indonesia could display their project, users or site visitors will be able to contribute funds for realizing the creator’s project to be done.

Wujudkan wants to create a system that could support many project from artists and creators in Indonesia to be done, especially projects that require funds (to be realized).

Currently their site is being prepared for its release according to the plans on February 21st. As an initial project, there are a film from Mira Lesmana/Riri Reza and Popzzle, a music album that will be appearing on their site.

For those who are interested in making donations can get a variety of facilities for example: able to choose a gift that has been provided by project owner such as merchandise, VIP invitations, etc. Donor can also help to spread the information in their social networking project.

Founder graduated from JKTFI is Mandy Marahimin.

The graduation event was quite interesting, especially in terms of presentation. The mentors seemed to be able to guide the participants for making well presentation. At least the founder – startup focus on the features and benefits of the service, the presentation didn’t extend to the unecessary things. In addition, the participants also included the existing markets and what they want to achieve. This is quite important because it could be the initial attraction for investors.

The startup found by JKTFI graduates also offered a variety of services, at least there are some segments taken by the Jakarta Founder Institute graduates. There are health, customer focus, social, commerce, and mobile segments.

Not all startups are ready at the graduation time, a short time during JKTFI can also be a factor. But I hope, the startups can stay focused with what they have planned and soon launched their service in order to get responses/opinions from users. The goal is for research materials. I think during JKTFI, it was the original research and now is the field research.

I agree with Andy Zain saying that these graduates are ‘the special one’, the local and global mentors who not all people may get the opportunity to have guidance from them. Not to mention the graduates are also still be able to build relationships with the Founder Institute and they will have advanced variety of events. So this special factor may be used for self-development for founder and their startup.

Congratulations for the graduates of Jakarta Founder Institute. Hopefully you all can be a reliable businessmen and your startup can grow/succeed.

Disclosure: DailySocial is media partner of Jakarta Founder Institute program.

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