Jamiphy Aims to be a "Tiktok for Musician", Focusing on the Indonesian Market

Yenny Yusra - 20 March 2020

The high penetration of entertainment platforms, such as Smule and Tiktok, has captured the local creator's attention creating content and encouraged Jamiphy to focus on the Indonesian market. Officially, Jamiphy has been launched in Indonesia in early March 2020.

The platform from San Fransisco, United States is targeting the Indonesian market because many of its followers on social media come from Indonesia.

Jamiphy is one of the participants of the W20 batch Y Combinator acceleration program with Newman’s and two other Indonesian startups.

Jamiphy's CEO, Owen Carey told DailySocial, "Jamiphy is made specifically for musicians and music lovers. Everyone knows and many are using TikTok, except for musicians. We have made the platform easier for musicians to make great videos, and for users to find and find the music they like. "

The way that Jamiphy works not much different from other content creator platforms. For the monetization strategy, Jamiphy applies advertising.

"Although not many machine learning technologies have focused on audio and music yet, with the deep learning structure in general especially and the increasing use of mobile phones, the application of artificial intelligence technology has become very useful. In the future there will be more technology that we will present," Owen said.

The use of AI technology, Owen said, is also to maximize the video recording process by content creators. Jamiphy is said to have applied deep learning technology for the past 3 years.

Part of the Y Combinator program

A platform for musician and music lovers

Jamiphy is one of the startups who participate in the Y Combinator demo day program in March 2020. After obtaining seed funding, the company is targeting to have 100 thousand active users in Indonesia and then expand to India and the United States.

Without local team and a clear view of the Indonesian market directly, through interactions on Instagram and Facebook, Owen claims to know more about the tastes and trends of Indonesian musicians.

Next, Jamiphy has plans to recruit local talents to strengthen its platform in Indonesia. To date, Jamiphy is said to have around 3000 active users and is experiencing a 50% growth every week.

"Although we have quite big competitors, with the current technology, they should at least be able to update and change their feature set or create new applications," Owen said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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