JD.ID Introduces "JDVirtual" as Modern Retail in Train Stations

Using QR Code technology to sell groceries to be sent directly to your house

Yenny Yusra - 13 September 2018

JD.ID introduces a modern retail as the new service for its customers called JDVirtual. It is now available in some train stations, including Jakarta Kota, Sudirman, Juanda, Gondangdia, Cikini, Tebet, Pasar Minggu, and Depok Baru.

JDVirtual sells food, beverages, and some household stuff, the items you usually seen in retail stores. It is expected to facilitate customers in selecting goods, it'll later be delivered to the address placed in the app.

Not only to discover a new model, it's also an attempt to extend the high-potential of commuters in Jakarta.

PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia in its official page said by June 2018, the average number of commuters in working days has reached 1 million, there's a time when they have to serve up to 1.154.080 customers.

The previous O2O (Online-to-Offline) concept was demonstrated by JD.ID through the launch of its futuristic shop JD.ID X at PIK Avenue in early August. However, on JD.ID X, items are sold directly with payment via an app.

Purchasing with QR Code

Using QR Code technology, JDVirtual offers a modern shopping method while prioritizing the borderless and cashless shopping. JD.ID users can directly purchase by scanning the product code in JDVirtual. Furthermore, the transaction can be processed in JD.ID app, including payment.

JD.ID, with JDVirtual, aims to provide a new shopping experience for its loyal customers. It doesn't rule out the possibility for JDVirtual service to be added in some strategic places of public transportation services, such as bus terminals and airports.

"Customers are our inspiration to run the business in Indonesia. We believe in JD.ID Virtual borderless shopping concept to provide real solutions for the modern retail industry while carrying out a mission for better Indonesia," Zhang Li, JD.ID's President Director, said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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