JD.ID X Futuristic Retail in Jakarta Offers Online-Offline Shopping Experience

JD.ID X Futuristic Retail in Jakarta Offers Online-Offline Shopping Experience

Using artificial intelligence and RFID scanner for identification
The launching of JD.ID X retail in Jakarta / JD.ID
The launching of JD.ID X retail in Jakarta / JD.ID

JD.ID officially introduces “JD.ID X” in Jakarta, a retail store with artificial intelligence (AI) that attempts to give the new online-offline shopping experience. The no cashier concept and connection to the app is fairly new here, although it has been familiar out there, particularly in China as JD.ID‘s main base.

The futuristic retail in 270m2 is located on PIK Avenue, Jakarta. It’s using face-scanner technology, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and cashless payment method; all goods and visitors will be automatically identified. The store requires its consumers to have JD.ID account and app in their phone.

Visitors will be asked to scan the barcode with JD.ID X option in app as a ticket. The face-scanning will be performed afterwards for verification in mobile app. Users are previously require to upload their close-up picture.

The goods taken to purchase will be detected using RFID technology before the closed gate, billing will be automatically displayed and paid using the app. Currently, credit card payment is the only method (which connected to the JD.ID account)

“This is only the beginning of our effort in using AI power to open doors into the new possibilities in this country. JD.ID X will also be the study center of advanced technology, because we believe that AI has so many potentials to use in every business line, including e-commerce as the core business of JD.ID,” Zhang Li, JD.ID’s President Director, pronounced.

In its debut, JD.ID X offers various products in fashion, cosmetics, accessories and beauty, non-electronic appliances, also groceries. JD.ID X also provides the private labels exclusively on JD.ID.

“Experienced store” like this is quite an intense innovation to present, particularly in China. Presented also by its competitor, Alibaba. Recently, the company has introduced a similar AI-based futuristic store. They partnered up with Guess fashion brand. The concept is similar, using RFID and computer vision based scanner technology.

Eyvette Tung, JD.ID’s Project Manager, said, ” In the future, society will be used to cashless daily shopping activity. We’ve developed a very personal face-scanner technology to improve convenience and user’s comfort.”

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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