Jepret Story is Indonesia’s Next App

Amir Karimuddin - 2 October 2014

DyCode’s Jepret Story gets crowned today (30/9) at the Indonesia Next App after surpassing other six remaining finalists. Jepret Story will represent Indonesia in the regional competition in Singapore and compete with other winners from Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia on November 26, 2014. Besides having the chance of representing Indonesia, the platform also gains a number of prizes and privileges from both Telkomsel and Samsung, two main sponsors of the event.

Indonesia Next App is an event initiated by Samsung and Telkomsel which aims to search for the best app in Indonesia to compete at the Asia level. After carefully judging 147 apps developed by 90 developers, the event selected seven finalists to go through the final round. Those seven were Kakatu, Cubeacon, Jepret Story, phiRUNtrophy, PiPets, IO Notes, and SIGAP.

At the final round, a number of parameters were used to assess the finalists, such as idea, business model, UI/UX design, problem solving capability, and monetizing method. Based on those points, Jepret Story came out victorious after getting the best score out of other finalists. Therefore, the platform gained a fleet of prizes, including cash, units of Samsung smartphone, an invitation to “Startup Mentorship Programmed” in which SingTel gets involved in, compete at “SingTel Group – Samsung Regional Mobile App Challenge”, and being promoted to Telkomsel Bundling program and Samsung Galaxy Apps.

Top five finalists will also get promoted to Samsung Galaxy Apps websites.

“As an operator with a vision of being a world-class digital lifestyle services provider, we are highly sure that this partnership with Samsung will be excellent for the digital ecosystem in Indonesia, where it takes the collaboration of three fundamental pillars to succeed, which are Device, Network, and Applications. Through this competition, we also aim to foster Indonesian local developers to go regional,” Marina Kacaribu, Telkomsel’s Vice President of Digital Lifestyle, stated.

“Samsung, as the leader of Android mobile phone market in Indonesia, supports developers to gain benefit from Samsung’s features in accordance to the SDK (Samsung Development Kit), so that the app can have its own signature when being operated on Samsung devices as well as give a solution to Android lifestyle,” Andreas W. Djiwandono, the Director of Service Innovation of Samsung Electronics Indonesia, added.

“Samsung also believes that a sophisticated smartphone needs to be supported by good, attractive, and easy to use contents which are appropriate to the condition of Indonesian consumers. By collaborating with Telkomsel as the biggest operator in Indonesia, we are positively sure that this event will get even better,” Djiwandono stated.

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