Jet Commerce to Expand to China and the Philippines

Limited service to help brands sell products online through each market, yet to open cross-border transaction

Marsya Nabila - 13 August 2019

The “e-commerce enabler” service provider, Jet Commerce announces the regional expansion to China and the Philippines, after officially launched in early 2019. In China, Jet Commerce arrived by making a strategic acquisition over Brand Top, while they entered the Philippines by opening a branch office in Taguig City.

The expansion includes in the company’s strategy to reach global partners, also to accelerate vision as the leading e-commerce enabler in Southeast Asia. In fact, it allows the e-commerce specialist to exchange best practice from each country.

In the official statement, the company is to focus on end-to-end e-commerce by combining Jet Commerce skills in online retail, multi-channel marketing, and fulfillment & operations using Brand Top capacity in digital marketing, big data management, and creative design.

Chad Zheng, as former CEO of Brand Top, is now appointed as Head of Jet Commerce for Operational in the region.

“Chad and China’s team has built a compelling business portfolio. The multiple skills and thorough insights into China’s market should guarantee our success as an official representative to handle brand assessment for online market,” Jet Commerce’s CEO, Oliver Yang said.

Jet Commerce’s Marketing Director, Agustina Putri Wijaya said separately to DailySocial on this expansion limit to support brand selling their products online in each market. It doesn’t restrict to cross-border solution in the future.

In fact, the company services available not only for top brands but also SMEs working on fulfillment solution exclude end-to-end solution. It would be very helpful for sellers to run the online business, including product receiving, storage management, packaging, delivery, and return process.

Agustina said, the solution only available in Indonesia. “Sellers will have access to the dashboard for collecting data related to order fulfillment in real-time on various platforms,” she added.

The company has been operating 100+ active official online stores in 13 e-commerce platforms in Asia. As much as 56 brands have formed a strategic partnership from various categories, including electronic product, health & beauty, mom&baby, household products, children’s play, and pet food.

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